All you need is you

Whenever you think that you’re losing it, think again. You have never really lost it unless you allow this thought to blossom. You’re going to have to use every single bit of your strength to hold yourself together. It’s possible to do it. You’ve been through worse. You would never have made it this far if you cannot handle it from here. This is a test. Prove yourself. You’re way stronger than you think you are. Allow your strength to fill you up. Soak up the positivity around you. Breathe. All you need is you.


Healing. One of the most challenging experiences one faces. Being in pain but having the ability not to succumb to it. Healing is so complex a procedure and yet so natural that most of us don’t even realise how and when we heal. It doesn’t solve the problem directly, but has a better effect than the solution itself.

It is that inner voice that yearns to stop the pain that almost seems endless. Healing is acceptance; firstly acceptance that the problem exists and that you have so been affected. If there’s no acceptance, there can simply be no healing. Quite often, healing leaves one most vulnerable. It’s the phase where revival has just begun and if not cautious, it can backfire.

Time, they say is by far the most powerful healer. It’s funny how this therapy works as nobody can actually define how time goes about doing its job. More than anything, it gives you the comforting belief that no matter what, tomorrow will arrive, and tomorrow will be a better day. We come to acknowledge the situation and adapt. Yes, our instincts are stronger than we know- we’ve always believed that we can adapt only to external physical changes. But humans can adapt to emotional and mental challenges as well. Time acts as a catalyst for this adaptation.

So how do we know that we’re healing? Is it merely when you have so much as forgotten about the problem that you have healed? I beg to differ; every day you choose to fight, every day you refuse to give up (irrespective of the outcome), you are healing. making the very choice to fight requires strength, and once this choice has been made, the therapy has started. Every pain has an end. When and how is for you to decide.

Go ahead, fight. Fight because if you won’t today, you will probably never heal.