All you need is you

Whenever you think that you’re losing it, think again. You have never really lost it unless you allow this thought to blossom. You’re going to have to use every single bit of your strength to hold yourself together. It’s possible to do it. You’ve been through worse. You would never have made it this far if you cannot handle it from here. This is a test. Prove yourself. You’re way stronger than you think you are. Allow your strength to fill you up. Soak up the positivity around you. Breathe. All you need is you.



Healing. One of the most challenging experiences one faces. Being in pain but having the ability not to succumb to it. Healing is so complex a procedure and yet so natural that most of us don’t even realise how and when we heal. It doesn’t solve the problem directly, but has a better effect than the solution itself.

It is that inner voice that yearns to stop the pain that almost seems endless. Healing is acceptance; firstly acceptance that the problem exists and that you have so been affected. If there’s no acceptance, there can simply be no healing. Quite often, healing leaves one most vulnerable. It’s the phase where revival has just begun and if not cautious, it can backfire.

Time, they say is by far the most powerful healer. It’s funny how this therapy works as nobody can actually define how time goes about doing its job. More than anything, it gives you the comforting belief that no matter what, tomorrow will arrive, and tomorrow will be a better day. We come to acknowledge the situation and adapt. Yes, our instincts are stronger than we know- we’ve always believed that we can adapt only to external physical changes. But humans can adapt to emotional and mental challenges as well. Time acts as a catalyst for this adaptation.

So how do we know that we’re healing? Is it merely when you have so much as forgotten about the problem that you have healed? I beg to differ; every day you choose to fight, every day you refuse to give up (irrespective of the outcome), you are healing. making the very choice to fight requires strength, and once this choice has been made, the therapy has started. Every pain has an end. When and how is for you to decide.

Go ahead, fight. Fight because if you won’t today, you will probably never heal.


Three tiny letters, yet one word having enough power to terminate human existence.  With a concept so infinite hovering in my head, I attempt to get a minute glimpse.
God,  the word has numerous meanings and is perceived differently by each of us. It has most importantly led to the clear segregation of conflicting beliefs- the believers and the atheists.  While atheists repeatedly demand a rationale, believers try to explain how HE cannot and must not be explained. Being a believer myself,  here’s my impression. (I wouldn’t dare to say conclusion).

As the puranic scriptures say, faith in the Almighty does not have to deal with religion. When the explanations of science do not suffice as answers to cryptic questions,  faith is what comes into play. Faith does not oppose science, nor does it ridicule it.  Science or rationale is but an offspring of faith.

Time and again, the extremists of both sides debate how they were two opposing and mutually exclusive beliefs. Time and again, they’ve been proved wrong. It is safe to conclude that those drawing Science and Faith apart, do so for all the wrong reasons- ignorance or maybe just cynic pleasure in declaring themselves superior by putting the other down.
In my opinion, extremists at both sides must surrender; they definitely do not get the fuller picture. Being politically motivated or aiming to create communal disharmony is, in most cases, their ulterior objective.

If man acquired the technique of mastering all sciences, why then can he not answer a question as simple as “which came first? The hen or the egg?”. In fact with growing knowledge in science,  man learns to bow down to what he calls “nature” and is humbled by its facets.

“But we cannot see God”, argue the atheists. Can they “see” a mother’s love? Can they “see” pain? Can they touch it? The Almighty is present in each of these sensations. But they do not demand to “see” them. Why this double standard with God?
I would not want to condemn their stand. In fact, they too are believers. They believe in the presence of NO Supreme Being which in itself is a belief.  I am of the opinion that they do not wish to see what is right before them. Yes, we witness God in all his manifestations; from the smallest drop of water to the mightiest of mountains. 
The atheists may also be questioned on their superbly rational line of thought.  All they have is “theories” of evolution and birth of mankind.  I say, these theories are as improbable as their supposition about God. 

“Man has always feared the Unknown”. Ever wondered why believers are called “God-fearing”? As much as man attempts to understand Him, he goes further away from the absolute Truth. It’s best if God is left uncomprehended.  Else, won’t Man qualify as God himself?

Dreaming is Believing

They say I’m a dreamer. They say I’m lost. They think I do not belong to the present but thrive in a world of my own. They watch me stare into oblivion and cannot help but mock at me. They think they’re the lucky ones. Little do they know how much they’re missing out on.

They would think dreamers only ponder, hopelessly. This is not true in most cases. Dreaming sets you thinking- thinking about things you would not or could not, in the normal course. It gives you this bizarre liberty to conjure the fate of your thought as opposed to reality where destiny is the conjurer. It allows your mind to wander; wander and access those parts of yourself that you would not dare to. It gives you relief from the tiresome reality.
Most dreamers don’t even know that they’re blessed such.

I’m most grateful to my parents for having discovered the dreamer in me. More than anything, dreaming helps me find solace; solace, that no matter what, at least my impossible desires exist somewhere. It’s therapeutic. It doesn’t matter how bleak the chances are for such desires to actually materialise; the very fact that they have transformed from impossible to probable (despite their inconsequential form) seems miraculous, subsequently kindles effort towards the goal.

Dreams can be inspirational. They can be superior substitutes to the pearls of wisdom that leaders and successful men across the world discourse. The mind grasps that it can rely on itself for the necessary once-in-a-while-kicks. Dreamers eventually grow strong.

I think it’s pretty clear now, that dreaming is not bad. Dreamers, don’t give up dreaming. After all, dreaming is believing.

I am a dreamer, and proud.